マルセル・デュシャン が「網膜的」と否定した絵画はクールベを代表とした写実主義以降の絵画、彼の言葉を借りるなら「印象主義、フォービズム、キュービズム、抽象絵画」、19世紀から20世紀の絵画史を全て否定する事になる。

それでは、デュシャン が肯定する芸術とはどのようなものだろう。







From eyes to brain

The paintings that Marcel Duchan denied to be “reticular” are the paintings after realism represented by Courbet, in his words “impressionism, fauvism, cubism, abstract painting”, the history of painting in the 19th to 20th centuries. Will be denied altogether.

So what is the art that Duchan affirms?

Retinal painting is simply art that “pursues only the pleasures of the eyes.” For Duchan, art is not the only art that gives pleasure to the eyes. For Duchan, art is a way to enjoy thinking with the brain.

Duchan was positive about surrealism. This is because Surrealist paintings depict a more ideological world rather than a depiction of nature.

Even so, Duchan’s “ready-made” has elements that lead to various contemporary arts.

First of all, this “urinal” was not made by myself. It is a mass-produced industrial product. By exhibiting this as a work of art, the “urinal” gained a new perspective and way of thinking.

Art since the ready-made has become anything, not just paintings and sculptures.

Writers have become more focused on expressing their own way of thinking about art rather than creating works. Therefore, the art after Duchan becomes “art by thinking with the brain” and is baptized as conceptual art.


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