当時は まだ自分の表現なんていうレベルに達していませんでしたし、貸画廊で発表するにはまだまだ早いと思っていました。また、誰かに見てもらって評価されたいという野心など微塵もなかったのです。今から思うと、純粋馬鹿というか、無防備な初個展だと我ながら思います。でもこういう展覧会を今からすることはもちろんできませんし、自分の中の1ページとして大切にしたい思い出です。

my solo exhibition in cafe
My first solo exhibition goes back 30 years. There is a north-south street called Kawabata-dori in Kyoto City. There is a small coffee shop in the middle of Shijo-dori and Gojo-dori, which is an art gallery coffee shop, and you can hold an exhibition if you pay the coffee fee of the customer you invited.
I remembered that my senior at the university had a solo exhibition here, and I was introduced to him. Generally speaking, solo exhibitions are usually held at the rental art galleries around Sanjo, Teramachi, and Okazaki. However, I felt uncomfortable at that time. At that time, hadn’t reached the level of my own expression, and I thought it was too early to announce at the gallery. Also, there was no ambition to have someone see and evaluate it. From now on, I think it’s a pure idiot, or a defenseless first solo exhibition. But of course I can’t hold an exhibition like this from now on, and it’s a memory I want to cherish as a page within myself.


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