What is “VANITAS”?

As the title suggests, vanitas refers to the detailed still lifes painted in northern Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. Vanitas is a still-life painting that represents “an allegory of the emptiness of life,” and is intended to remind viewers of the “transience” of vanity by placing skulls, watches, pipes, and rotting fruit, which are symbols of death, among various still-life objects that signify abundance and other such things.

I chose vanitas, a subject that has nothing to do with Japanese painting, because I believe that it is worthwhile to extract a subject from the context of Western art history, reconstruct vanitas in my own way using contemporary motifs, and express this idea using traditional Japanese painting materials.

For me, ”Japaneas painting” is a place to experiment with new forms of expression using Japanese paper and mineral pigments.


concept work, drawing, painting, photo work, print work