『潜在的な欲望と覚醒された記憶』リュック タイマンス

リュック タイマンスは国際的に著名な作家で、現代アートの中で絵画表現の可能性を切り拓いた作家と言われている。







“Potential desire and Awakened Memory” Luc Tuymans

Luc Tuymans is an internationally renowned artist who is said to have opened up the possibilities of pictorial expression in contemporary art.

 There are many sentences about the expression of Tuymans.  Even if I read these, am I the only one who is not convinced?

 The first time I learned about Tuymans’ work was the article featured in the art notebook(contemporary art magazine in Japan) .  The first impression was just boring.  It feels like you’re looking at a Polaroid photo with a defocused focus.  At first, it looks like an unfinished work, but as I watched it several times, I felt that my eyes were gradually getting used to the atmosphere of the work.

 The objects drawn by Tuymans are diverse, centered on people, and there are works on the theme of social issues such as war and terrorism.  Especially from his experience in making photographs and videos, he has adopted that technique in her paintings.

 As many criticisms suggest, the expression of Tuymans seems to have the power to awaken “memory”.  By taking pictures and videos, we confine and own the moments and times.  There is an inherent desire to own time.  On the one hand, we complement photos and videos with memory.  The expression of Tuymans is to capture the images of photographs and videos into paintings, which unknowingly shakes the desires of the media and awakens unspecified memories.  I think that it also intentionally includes sociality that leads to themes common to all humankind through social issues such as war and terrorism.